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Peter Robinson

Peter is the European Director of ProMatura, delivering research and advisory services to stakeholders in the European senior living property and lifestyle sector.
Peter is a member of the ARCO Advisory Council (Associated Retirement Community Operators), forum for leading experts in the UK housing-with-care sector.
ProMatura has an extensive client base drawn from hospitality, land owners, developers, operators & financiers of senior living projects. Currently with clients in 11 countries and unique empirical data gleaned over its 37 years of operation, dedicated to this segment.
ProMatura uniquely removes the guesswork in setting-up a senior living facility, provides concept ‘insurance’ and has saved its clients many Billions £$€ over the years:
ProMatura’ data, analysis and sales forecasts proven to closely correlate with actual senior living buyer behaviour. Our Predictive Analytics can look at (or hypothetically model) any senior living project anywhere in the world and predict what will work, where and why - expensive mistakes are thus avoided.